We offer a professional tanning service to give you the natural looking glow you're after without the risks and damaging effects of the sun. Are you going on holiday? Planning a special occasion or night out? A tan application from our tanning experts is the perfect way to boost your confidence and make you look and feel good.

Spray it, Fake it, LOVE IT!
About Our Treatments

Our Xen tanning gives a natural looking sun-kissed glow which is sure to boost your confidence.

Safe - A sunless tan that means no risk of damage to your skin. There's no need to expose your skin to the sun's harmful rays.

Natural looking - No orange tones, unsightly streaks or unpleasant fake-tan smells commonly associated with other sunless tanning methods. We use pleasantly fragranced, moisturising tanning products to leave your skin smelling, looking and feeling great. Spray tan experts - a professionally applied spray tan in just 15 minutes that will last for up to 7 days 

Xen tan spray tan £18 

Sienna sol spray tan £13

Dancers tan Legs 2 coats  £8 (each extra coat £3 each)

Full Body £14